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  • Comet NEOWISE by drone

    Comet NEOWISE by drone

  • Brilliant Sunset

    Brilliant Sunset

  • Pond from above

    Pond from above

  • Osprey with bluegill

    Osprey with bluegill

  • Bald Eagle with fish

    Bald Eagle with fish

  • Green Heron with turtles

    Green Heron with turtles

  • Excavation


  • Male Eastern Bluebird

    Male Eastern Bluebird

  • Under the spell of the Freemasons

    Under the spell of the Freemasons

  • Self-portrait with minerals

    Self-portrait with minerals

  • Rebuildable


  • Railroad to nowhere

    Railroad to nowhere

  • Cottage Cat

    Cottage Cat

  • Playground tree

    Playground tree

  • Kauai af

    Kauai af

  • Waves and boobies

    Waves and boobies

  • Magnificent Frigatebird

    Magnificent Frigatebird

  • Laysan Albatross

    Laysan Albatross

  • Kīlauea Point Lighthouse

    Kīlauea Point Lighthouse

  • Kīlauea Point NWR

    Kīlauea Point NWR