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  • Section 313

    Section 313

  • Wipeout


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  • Victory Field

    Victory Field

  • Foul pole

    Foul pole

  • T-shirt toss

    T-shirt toss

  • Sunset, Victory Field

    Sunset, Victory Field

  • She scores!

    She scores!

  • Walking the bases

    Walking the bases

  • Day game in the stands

    Day game in the stands

  • Tara Heeling

    Tara Heeling

  • Louisa, Broad Jump

    Louisa, Broad Jump

  • Louisa, High Jump

    Louisa, High Jump

  • Louisa Retrieving

    Louisa Retrieving

  • The Judge

    The Judge

  • Louisa Heeling

    Louisa Heeling

  • Sadie, Broad Jump

    Sadie, Broad Jump

  • Sadie, High Jump

    Sadie, High Jump

  • Focus and Anticipation

    Focus and Anticipation

  • Barb & Sadie

    Barb & Sadie