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  • Under the spell of the Freemasons

    Under the spell of the Freemasons

  • Self-portrait with minerals

    Self-portrait with minerals

  • Safari


  • Carnegie Museum of Art

    Carnegie Museum of Art

  • Frankie Goes to Hollywood

    Frankie Goes to Hollywood

  • Satchel Paige statue

    Satchel Paige statue

  • Untitled


  • The Stairs, Peter Greenaway

    The Stairs, Peter Greenaway

  • Elephant


  • Water Buffalo

    Water Buffalo

  • Curtains


  • Dressing Gowns

    Dressing Gowns

  • Acute Organ Failure

    Acute Organ Failure

  • Organ Rolls

    Organ Rolls

  • Faces


  • Technicolor Dye Candidates

    Technicolor Dye Candidates

  • Ground Glass

    Ground Glass

  • Libra


  • Eastman Self-Portrait

    Eastman Self-Portrait

  • Lodge Door

    Lodge Door

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