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  • Northern Mockingbird

    Northern Mockingbird

  • Yellow-crowned Night-Heron

    Yellow-crowned Night-Heron

  • Great Egret over marsh

    Great Egret over marsh

  • Preening


  • Sanderling with ghost crab

    Sanderling with ghost crab

  • Whimbrel on jetty

    Whimbrel on jetty

  • Pelted


  • Double-crested Cormorants on shipwreck

    Double-crested Cormorants on shipwreck

  • Great Egret

    Great Egret

  • Bald Eagle

    Bald Eagle

  • Wood Storks

    Wood Storks

  • Great Blue Heron

    Great Blue Heron

  • Forster's Tern

    Forster's Tern

  • Snowy Egret on log

    Snowy Egret on log

  • Snowy Egret in flight

    Snowy Egret in flight

  • Great Egret in flight

    Great Egret in flight

  • Baltimore Oriole feeding

    Baltimore Oriole feeding

  • Eastern Phoebe

    Eastern Phoebe

  • Red-winged Blackbird

    Red-winged Blackbird

  • Gray Catbird

    Gray Catbird