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  • Hawaiian Stilts

    Hawaiian Stilts

  • Wandering Tattler

    Wandering Tattler

  • Sanderling with ghost crab

    Sanderling with ghost crab

  • Whimbrel on jetty

    Whimbrel on jetty

  • Pelted


  • Forster's Tern

    Forster's Tern

  • Killdeer nest

    Killdeer nest

  • American Avocet (left)

    American Avocet (left)

  • Caspian Tern, diving

    Caspian Tern, diving

  • Lunar gull

    Lunar gull

  • Common Tern

    Common Tern

  • American Oystercatcher

    American Oystercatcher

  • Common Tern

    Common Tern

  • Common Tern

    Common Tern

  • Sanderling


  • Upland Sandpiper

    Upland Sandpiper

  • 20120731-K10D-19179